With ManagersApp, you can capture data from Slack conversations and use it to create 1:1 topics or summaries of your team's performance. You'll get AI-driven action items and performance insights to help you make informed decisions about your team members' progress. Plus, using ManagersApp is quick and easy with our convenient shortcuts!

šŸ•’ ManagersBot saves time and improves tracking of team members' progress by capturing data from Slack conversations and summarizing key insights and accomplishments.

šŸš€ AI-driven action items and performance insights empower managers to make informed decisions about their team's development.

šŸ† ManagersBot provides a comprehensive list of team members' accomplishments, facilitating effective recognition and celebration.

šŸŒŸ It identifies strengths and areas of opportunities, enabling targeted coaching and development initiatives.

šŸ’” By leveraging these AI-powered features, managers can streamline tasks, make data-driven decisions, and foster a supportive and empowering environment for their teams.

Who Should use ManagersBot?

āœ”ļø People Managers who are dedicated to leveraging AI-driven insights to guide their team members' growth and help them realize their full potential. Ā 
āœ”ļø Professionals seeking to track their own achievements and derive their own performance analysis. Ā 
āœ”ļø Human Resource teams & HR Managers who need an efficient way to track team performance and contributions.
āœ”ļø Project Managers looking to better understand their team's strengths to allocate tasks more efficiently.
āœ”ļø Executives and Team Leads who want to have a pulse on their team's day-to-day happenings and accomplishments for effective communication and synergy.
āœ”ļø Individual Contributors who are eager to self-critique and understand their strengths and areas of improvement for self-development.
āœ”ļø Remote Teams who want to ensure all individual efforts are recognized and valued, fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation across the team, irrespective of the location.
āœ”ļø Mentors and Coaches who wish to monitor their mentees' progress and guide them more effectively based on the insights provided by the tool.

How Do I Get Started?

Install ManagersBot today and experience the power of AI in people management!