Performance management is a critical tool in a Manager's toolbox. Well-defined expectations help guide your team members' growth and impact. Managers.App makes performance management a continuous process and not a once-a-year balancing of accounts. The Performance Management Module prioritizes the following principles:

  • Instead of running an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly review process which is heavy on everyone involved and ineffective, Managers.App Performance Module allows you to continuously evaluate performance and provide feedback to your team members.
  • Instead of focusing on one rating number or a job promotion, Managers.App Performance Module lets you focus on helping team members gain the skills they need to grow in their careers. Promotion decisions can involve looking at a snapshot of performance data.
  • Avoid recency bias, and loss of valuable feedback by collecting timely 360 feedback from reviewers and using them to coach your team at the time when this information is most effective.

Performance Management Module Has Three Components

  • Setting and tracking ¬†OKRs/Goals
  • Collecting 360 Feedback from peers and teammates continuously
  • Conducting Frequent Check-ins.


An individual team member's OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) will include some of their team's OKRs, their personal growth OKRs and possibly OKRs from other initiatives outside of their immediate team. Your aim is to agree with them on their OKRs at the beginning of each quarter.

OKR Dashboard - Select Team Member To View/Edit Their Goals

360 Feedback

Even though a manager's view is an important piece of the puzzle, it certainly does not provide a complete picture of an individual team members performance and contributions. Managers often rely on feedback from individual teammates, and cross-functional partners to come up with a more complete assessment which they can use for coaching.

Managers.App enables you to continuously collect 360 feedback for your team members.

Getting one-off or continuous feedback from peers and teammates takes no effort in ManagersApp. You can create your own questions or select from a set of questions that ManagersApp provides.

You can create your own or select from default questsions for peer reviews

You have access to feedback as soon as a reviewer submits it.

Feedback is availabe real-time as soon as it is submitted

Check-In Conversations

After setting quarterly OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and picking reviewers to provide 360 feedback, scheduling a monthly Check-In Conversation will complete the last important step toward creating a powerful Performance Management Process. A Performance Management Process should focus on increasing team output and impact as well as increasing the growth of individual team members.

The goal of regular check-in conversations is to ensure that your team members are performing at their grade. You and your directs have the chance to pause and reflect on their progress in different areas of their primary responsibilities. Having these conversations monthly promotes strong alignment of goals and the ability to correct course as necessary.

Managers.App will also send your reminders to schedule Check-In conversations

There are a few key ingredients which are needed for a performance management process that is effective at growing team members. ManagersApp provides the tools necessary to help Engineering Managers with this important task.

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