Team Member Profiles

Team Module allows you to set up profiles and track critical information about each member of your team. Managers.App provides actionable reminders and suggestions on coaching and training your team.

ManagersApp Helps You Track Important Information About Your Team

Your Team At a Glance

Content & Coaching Recommendations:

You get content and coaching recommendations by capturing areas where your team member needs to improve in their profile.

Essentials Module Gives Your Content & Coaching Recommendations
Essentials Module Gives Your Content & Coaching Recommendations

In-App and Email Notifications for:

  • Birthdays and Work Anniversaries
  • Recognizing a job well done
  • Scheduling regular Check-In Conversations
  • And more to come...
Reminders for Engineering Managers

Weekly Pulse Surveys

Team Module includes a tool called Team Pulse ❤️ to help Engineering Managers get real-time insights about their team members through 1 minute weekly Pulse Surveys.

  • Team Pulse is extremely easy to start. It’s a single click to start collecting valuable feedback.
  • Pulse surveys are meant to take < 60 seconds to fill out.
  • Pulse Surveys are anonymous. ManagersApp does not tie results to individual team members.
  • Pulse Survey tool provides useful email templates to inform and remind the team about Pulse Surveys.
  • Team Pulse is free under ManagersApp’s Team Module.

Team Module is included in the Free version of Managers.App. Sign-Up and take advantage of it today!