My ideal manager is committed to delivering impactful products and services through their team, and they always follow through and hold their team accountable to these commitments. They understand that not only does their role and their team demand this from them but it is a prerequisite to having a high performing and happy team.

engineering managers

My manager cares about me as a human being, and is interested to learn what excites me, or worries me. I'm reminded and encouraged to have a sustainable work/life balance. I feel comfortable enough to share my ideas even if they are not fully formed. My manager gives me space to experiment with new ideas and learn from the outcomes.

My manager motivates me to bring my best to work and never takes credit for my work. They allow me to own and drive results that will positively impact customers, the company and the team. Still my manager understand no one gets everything right. Occasional mistakes happen. I'm expected to own my mistakes and learn from them.

I'm confident my manager has my best interest at heart so I don't mind if they're blunt with me. I hear both constructive and positive feedback, both of which help me improve my craft. I don't always like what I hear but I know can count on hearing what I need to grow as a person and a professional.

Now tell me, what is your ideal manager?